June 1, 2022

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“Metaverse” - another VR-based gaming platform?

“Metaverse” - another VR-based gaming platform?

“You can think about the metaverse as an embodied Internet, where rather than simply viewing content - you are in it” Mr Mark Zuckerberg told The Verge in an interview on Monday (July 26) 2021. 

From then, Facebook, the world’s largest social network began investing heavily in virtual reality and augmented reality-based technologies. At the point when inquired, Mr. Zuckerberg said “I think it makes sense to invest deeply to shape what I bet will be the next big computing platform.”

Neal Stephenson and his tragic cyberpunk novel Snow Crash which was released in 1992, highlighting metaverse as a 3D virtual reality space depicting a metropolitan environment that could be maneuverer with the assistance of a personal terminal and virtual reality goggles. Moving forward, in Second Life (released in 2003) it introduced features such as customisation of realistic avatars, engage with other players, own virtual properties and trade of goods and services. Experts deem metaverse as a place parallel to the physical world. A place where you have an avatar for yourself to interact with the others through their respective avatars. 

So, is it just another video game?

Let’s take the example of an online shooter game, Fortnight, by which players earn virtual money while dotting a personalized avatar to interact and play with the other players’ avatars. Let’s move a step higher to the game Second Life, where players currently have a scope of choices, such as their adopted avatar could eat, shop and in a real sense be able to do all that very much like they would in the real world.

Now, let’s get to the metaverse which according to technologists, will transform the virtual reality experience by allowing users to do exactly anything. Yes! You read that right! Anything! Ranging from working, shopping, buying properties, hosting parties, hosting home tours to starting a virtual life through the digital avatars that represent you. Users navigate the metaverse via their eye movements or voice commands. This is the metaverse. The next stage in the development of the Internet allows users to immerse themselves in digital content. 

It is not just one type of experience but a continuum of evolving experiences. It is not just one digital space but the collaboration of several digital spaces. Metaverse will offer more than just the gaming experience. A synthetic world with real time action and communication. The actual vibe of really being there. 

A closer look into what are the amazing things you can do in the ‘Metaverse’

With metaverse, replicas of the places from the past, present and future can be seamlessly rendered into a realistic 3-D experience. Starting with education, students be it anywhere in the world can meet up for a class trip to anywhere, any era. A trip to ancient Rome with students from any part of the world! Sounds really fascinating isn’t it? 

Not only that, Commerce will also move into the metaverse. Users will be able to buy and sell virtual items ranging from staple things, virtual pets, food and electronics. In the metaverse, you do not only get to view products but try out without any hassle before getting shipped to your real-world home. Real-estate agents could not give their customers the most completed experience ever by offering virtual home tours with the comfort of their couch. Additionally, there may arise special services like where tenants can scan furniture they would like to buy and upload into their new homes to get an idea how it might look before purchasing an item. 

We can foresee business opportunities such as hosting parties and weddings with vendors creating venues, hiring buffet services, dance floors and that’s just the beginning to the world of metaverse! Similarly, one could book for a private tour guide to any travel destination they wish for! Live concerts and athletic events can now be viewed from the comfort of our homes yet achieve the maximum experience because you can choose to view from any angle of your choice!

Last but not the least, metaverse has the power which none of us or is impossible in the physical world. The ability to bring deceased individuals to life. Be it family members, friends or any historical figures with metaverse they can be brought to life. 

The potential of a metaverse is unending. 

If you’re now finding it a bit easier to visualize what the Metaverse will look like, how do you feel about it? Excited? Frightened? Optimistic?

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