May 16, 2022

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Keeping our faith in-tech even when the future is uncertain

Keeping our faith in-tech even when the future is uncertain

Many of us are probably aware of the growing trend of popularity in the tech industry. Whether it’s about leading the high life in the Big Tech Giants such as FAANGs, having work flexibility without having to go through that dreaded rush hour every morning, or even making an impact on the world by transforming people’s lives through the digitization and innovation of information technology.

The demand for the latest tech trends, such as building better software, solving complex algorithms, or using big data to introduce better business proposals, has changed how we work and live in our daily lives. This integration can be exemplified in our usage of entertainment, e-commerce, and finance, where once tasks are manually done or very tedious. However, with technology, it has added automation and simplified the processes, hence, saving us time and effort. And the list goes on.

Now comes the question, is it worth making the jump to the tech industry now? It’s scary not knowing what the expectation for the IT industry is, especially if you have no prior experience in it. Coming from an engineering background, I was enticed by the growing opportunities in technology and eventually decided to make the jump as I find the idea of using technology to solve problems associated with everyday life really fascinating.

You do not need to be an expert in technology to be in this industry. Such roles include customer success, marketing or even sales, etc. An example would be someone who has an interest in the technical side of things with prior experience in the finance industry. They may enrol in data science courses to pursue career opportunities in the fintech industry. Designers or even those with a passion for design and problem-solving can strive to become UX / UI designers by learning the required technical skills. The IT industry offers a wide range of fields for you to figure out the next phase of your journey. Whether it be as a Business Analyst, Software Developer, Programmer, or even Sales engineer. The opportunities are endless. 

Once you figured out the roles that interest you, start to learn the tech skills that are required for that role. There are many options for you to learn these new skills, especially with the help of the internet. Depending on your learning style, you can start out with online lessons offered by Udemy or Codecademy, where you are able to work through the materials at your own pace, or even consider attending boot camps for more in-depth instruction and total immersion in the skills that you are learning.

Internships will also benefit you greatly at the start of your tech journey. Not only will you gain experience and technical skills, but it will also help you hone the soft and interpersonal skills that are required in a team-based environment. Furthermore, by meeting more people, you will be able to increase your professional network, hence scoring more IT opportunities.

It’s all about having the right mentality to learn new skills and being open to exploring new experiences in different environments. It will not be easy, but if you are willing to adapt and learn, you will thrive. Good luck!

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