November 30, 2020

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Hello World!

Hello World!

Technology is evolving faster than ever and we are literally living technology, from irritating morning alarms, to buying stuff online, to talking to our loved ones, it’s all technology!

Technology is best when it brings people together.

Following this quote by Matt Mullenweg, we at IT Club are building a platform for tech-enthusiasts at SIM. This blog is an initial step for the same.

Coming back to technology, during the COVID era, the term “smart” has changed the way the world operates. Tech based (smart) businesses have turned out to be recession proof when thousands of others have filed for bankruptcy. Social distancing and lockdowns around the globe gave birth to new technologies and ideas. All this makes it more important to understand the technology and tech-based businesses, and that’s what this blog is for.

SIM Information Technology (IT) Club

The Information Technology Club has been at SIM since the beginning of time. We are constantly trying to keep students of SIM and everyone around the world updated with the latest and rapidly evolving technologies.

Today, we have a family of over two hundred members and a brilliant team to lead the legacy. The team is being led by Harsh Arora (President), Wang Fiafan (General Secretary), Anushka Singh (Head of Events), Ferdy Arianto Wiyogo (Head of Marketing), Yash Vinayak Mehrotra (Editorial Head of IT Club Blog), and Adithya Venkat (Creative Head of IT Club Blog), followed by the very passionate and hard-working sub-committees.

The IT Club is determined to help the students at SIM experience the essence of the ever-growing Information Technology and the importance of IT in modern day management,  beyond the classrooms. With a mission to make the students utilize IT in the best possible manner and also be updated with the latest trends in IT, we conduct workshops, webinars, competitions, seminars and a lot of fun events to network and learn.

The IT Club Blog

This blog is a part of SIM IT Club. It is not only a platform to read articles and gain knowledge, but also an opportunity for you to share your ideas! We are open to content from all the students at SIM, irrespective of their course of study and enrolled university! You can click here to submit your article.

With this blog, we aim to reach as many tech-enthusiasts as we can and help them comprehend  the tech-world better!

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