December 29, 2020

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E-Sports Fuelling the Digital Economy

E-Sports Fuelling the Digital Economy

The fact that there has been a massive increase in the recognition of dedicated gamers, is not novel. This in turn has caused a heavy rise in the economic power that the digital stream possesses. It is not difficult to guess that the underlying factor for this economic triumph is the combined efforts of game developers and marketers. The transition from gaming being just another source of entertainment to a source of living is pretty fascinating. This article brings to light the many aspects of this transformation. 

Abel Anderson, in one of his articles from the NetNewsLedger- How Online Gaming is Enhancing the Digital Economy, brings to light 3 factors underlying the subject of discussion. Let me encapsulate the same for you below 

1. Accessibility 

As this term suggests, Anderson brings to light the intensified ease in accessibility of games today in contrast to a few years ago when people had to hunt for physical spaces to play. These games are now just a click away. 

2. Smooth & Easy to Navigate UI 

In this section of the article, Anderson emphasizes on the importance that user-friendliness beholds. He states that the designers today have recognized this need and are constantly on the go to make sure that the users of any age are able to navigate without any inconveniences. 

3. Real Money Online Games 

The involvement of monetary benefits keeps players motivated to hone their gaming skills, in addition to increasing the richness in their social circles by finding more like-minded people. If this wasn’t all, players are also anticipating strong careers in the same field.

Statistics further make the point about the tremendous increase in E-Sport lovers, strong! Around 380 million people attended E-Sport events in the year 2019. What’s more fascinating is that the E-Sports audience, as per Goldman Sachs is equivalent, if not more to the combined audience of ESPN, Netflix and HBO. 

The massive digital community that has come into being, provides a great study opportunity for economists. There is a great possibility to understand online economics behaviours by tracking down different ways in which people place value on digital assets. 

We can say with immense confidence that with the enhancements in gaming design sophistication, the virtual realm will continue to grow at a rapid pace thereby fuelling the digital economy steadily.

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