December 17, 2020

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Commercial cloud in Defense

Commercial cloud in Defense

What is Cloud Computing? 

In laymen terms, Cloud Computing is the on-demand access to computer services and resources like applications, servers, data storage, networking, and more via internet. These services are hosted at a remote data center managed by a service provider (such as Amazon). 

The cloud is growing into a common way for businesses to keep data without purchasing tons of data servers to hold that data. The idea of Cloud Computing started in 1996 by Sean O’Sullivan and George Favaloro but didn’t really catch on until the mid-2000s. According to a 2017 study, 95% of companies surveyed were using cloud technology in some manner. 

Cloud Computing in Defence and Intelligence 

As with other companies, defence and intelligence organisations also need to stay updated with latest technology trends. This has to be done to get an edge over other countries’ systems while keeping the forces and the people of the nation safe. The importance of cloud services in defence is growing because the data produced by military equipment is enormous. Having cloud on the military edge systems allows forces to increase cooperation, thereby reducing the time needed to make vital decisions. You can refer to the “Cloud Computing in Defense - Thematic Research” report to see a detailed overview of when and how defense organisations started building cloud infrastructure. 

Until recently, the authorities have been quite slow in modernising the process with commercial IT but the coronavirus pandemic has made the adoption faster. Tools like cloud based audio/video conference and data collaboration softwares allow the staff to work remotely in a flexible and secure environment. All the personnel, from field commanders to contractors, can have access to needed information at any time, from anywhere. Defense and intelligence organisations are adopting such solutions as they provide a lot of proven benefits.

Closing Words 

Cloud computing is a expandable technology which can be useful to help across domains. In order to strengthen joint operations and real-time coordination with deployed units and remote staff, security and intelligence organizations are slowly recognizing these advantages and utilizing AI and cloud together.

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